Environmentally Responsible Homes

Minimalist+® builds and remodels homes using sustainable design, materials, and building practices. We design for superior natural lighting, indoor air quality, and resource efficiency. The results are award winning homes that are thoughtfully crafted and environmentally responsible, so you can rest easy. We provide solutions for clients who value their time and budget–and who want a predictable experience that exceeds expectations. We provide what no one else offers–a full 2-year warranty on parts and labor–all for the joy of building environmentally responsible homes.

Our team has years of experience in remodeling homes as well as designing and building new homes, with award-winning results. You can count on our knowledge and quality craftsmanship to make your home remodel feel like the best decision you’ve ever made.

We believe in a collaborative design experience, and our team of skilled designers and craftsman will help make your unique vision a reality.

Minimalist+ is the design division of Advantage Services Construction, Award winning Portland Contractor founded in 1978. Minimalist+ exclusively uses SITEFAB® to streamline the process, reduce costs, ensure efficiency and provide accurate scheduling. Advantage Services Construction registered Minimalist+®  and SITEFAB® May 10, 2011.